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Dancing Diva Series 
(2019 - ongoing)

This series is all about free-hand drawings and paintings. As my career in Korea and in New York has been about floral designs and art, my inspirations are naturally related to nature, especially flowers. The repeated observation of each flower, the shapes, and their movements, you will discover the whole different universe with certain patterns and elements. I captured their wildness within my interpretation by drawing repeated lines and using vibrant colors. I feel free when working on this series because I do not plan.
Dancing Divas No.2 (2022)
Pastels, acrylic inks and pens
59" H x 72"W 
Dancing Divas No.3 (2022)
Pastels, acrylic inks and pens
11" H x 14"W 
Dancing Divas No.4 (2023)
Pastels, acrylic inks, watercolors, colored pencils and pens
18" H x 24" W
Dancing Divas No.1 (2019)
Pastels, acrylic inks, watercolors and pens
71" H x 41" W
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