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My wonderland springs from a deep reverence for nature's beauty and echoes with solitude I experienced as a child, personified through the creatures and plants within my art. The solitude is not lonely but rather a space of psychedelic exploration, where reality converges with the mythical, and the natural wonder world brims with serenity. My artwork, characterized by an intimate still life approach and a touch of surrealism, aims to intrigue and mesmerize, whispering untold stories within the smallest details, drawing viewers into a vibrant, surreal, and deeply personal universe. 


I was born in Busan and raised in the natural expense of Kimhae, South Korea. I was an unique child who found solace in the mountains, countryside, and ocean. This immersion in nature later served as a profound artistic inspiration. My mother, an artisan who sculpted joy into paper clay, was my first influence.

In my 20's I found comfort in the bustling energy of New York City. Here, my career as a floral designer bloomed, leading me to incorporate natural elements into window displays. The inclusion of my own paintings and drawings in the installations marked a new chapter in my journey as a self-taught artist. Through it all, I have embraced solitude, finding space for creativity and self-expression within the quiet. 


Group Exhibition

- 2022 'Art Exchange America & Japan, members only' Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art curated by Julienne Johnson from April 10th - 15th. 


- 2021 Market Art & Design The Hamptons Art Fair 

- 2020 Art Series IX "Real, Surreal scape & Contemporary Abstractions" at Studio Anise in Soho, NYC
- 2020 "She is..." at One Art Space in Tribeca, NYC

- 2019 Spatial Transformations Part 1,2,3 & "Painting vs Drawing" at Studio Anise in Soho, NYC 
- 2019 Winter Group Shows Part 2 at Onishi Gallery in Chelsea, NYC
- 2019 Group show at NAWA (National Association of Women Artists) in NYC

- 2018 Off The Wall at Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City, NY
- 2018 ARTIF ACTS at One Art Space in Tribeca, NYC
- 2018 Benefit Auction at The Drawing Center, NYC
- ​2018 Eternal Summer at One Art Space in Tribeca, NYC
- 2018 Transformation at One Art Space in Tribeca, NYC
- 2018 Drawing 2017, an exhibition of 20 international artists at Gallery 25N

- 2017 Making Connections ll at The City Deford Gallery in Long   Island City, NY
- 2017 Making connections at The Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City, NY
​- 2017 Winner of Drawing category : 9th Artslant Prize
- 2017 IGOA gallery, Theme "Anima l& wildlife" 
- 2017 Projekt 30, Monthly Exhibition in May and July
- 2017 Bauhausprairie art gallery, Theme "Abstract" and "Artist's favorite work"

- 2016 Honorable Mentions : IGOA ( Art-open "No Theme"
- 2016 Projekt 30, Monthly Exhibition in October and November 

Private Collections

“Apex No.3”, Tribeca, New York

“Companion’, The Drawing Center Benefit Auction, Soho, New York

“Dancing Divas No.1”, Soho, New York

“Emotions series, Confidence and Jealousy”, Soho, New York

“Heart series, sketches”, Tribeca, New York

“Heart series, 5 paintings”, Soho, New York

“Hear series, 2 paintings", Midtown, New York

“Rejuvenating No.1 and No.2”, Soho, New York

“Serenity-Celestial dance No.2”, Soho, New York

“Serenity No.1”, Tribeca, New York

“Serenity No.3”, Brooklyn, New York

“The Universe in a leaf No.3”, Astoria, New York

“The Universe in a leaf No.2”, Tribeca, New York 3

“Topper” Commission drawing, Great Neck, Long Island





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