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Ordinary Wonderland

(2022 - Present)

Ordinary Wonderland series is inspired by my daily observation of events, expressed in a surrealistic way. Each work has its own story and something I needed to hear from my inner self at certain period of time. 

03_Binna Kim_Everything happens for you_edited.jpg
Everything happens for you (2023)
Pastels, watercolors, colored pencils and pencils
38" H x 55"W 
- Inspired by an unordinary story of a rescued blind owl named Zeus. After seeing a small image of his face with eyes that seemed to contain the universe, I imagined his universe that might have existed in his dream world. The second painting of this is work in progress. 
Free yourself (2022)
Pastels, pencils, watercolors and colored pencils
58" H x 56"W 
- Inspired by one of my orchid plants that hadn't bloomed for more than 2 years. I painted it with my wish and visualized it would bloom beautifully with full of vibrant colors. Believe or not, it really bloomed after I finished this painting and I still enjoy its beauty. 
You are precious (2022)
Pastels, colored pencils, pencils, acrylic inks and watercolors
55"H x 42"W 
- Story of a little yellow bird that I rescued on a driveway near Bryant Park in New York City. The memory of warmth from holding the precious little bird in my hand led me to paint this work. As I was painting, I came to the realization that I wasn't nice enough to myself as the bird I encountered randomly. This is a painting for the memory of the bird and me.
Perspective (2022)
Pencils, pastels, oil pastels, colored pencils, acrylic inks and watercolors
55"H x 37"W 
- As I get older and gain more life experience, my perspective has changed gradually. Things that I was holding onto greatly disappeared, things that I was believing hard were vanished. Life wasn’t about black and white; it is about full of vibrant colors. 
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