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Ordinary Wonderland

(2022 - Present)

Ordinary Wonderland series is inspired by my daily observation of events, expressed in a surrealistic way. Each work has its own story and something I needed to hear from my inner self at certain period of time. 

owls, blind owl, wonderland, owl's wonderland, wishful thinking, kindness, love, full of love, embracing, caring painting
Everything happens for you (2023)
Pastels, watercolors, colored pencils and pencils
38" H x 55"W 
- Inspired by an unordinary story of a rescued blind owl named Zeus. After seeing a small image of his face with the eyes that seemed to contain the whole universe, I immediately started painting this work. I imagined the perfect world for him from my perspective, having the best friend next to him, the hand always taking care of him and an oddly beautiful world. 
orchid, orchid plant painting, imaginary orchid, caring, kindness, full of love, happy painting
Free yourself (2022)
Pastels, pencils, watercolors and colored pencils
58" H x 56"W 
- Inspired by one of my orchid plants that hadn't bloomed for more than 2 years. Somehow, I reflected myself in the orchid, struggling to bloom for a few years. I painted it with my wish and visualized it would bloom beautifully with full of vibrant colors. Believe it or not, it surprisingly bloomed after I finished this painting. As I painted its roots growing in a wild way and proudly shining the leaves, the real plant still shows off the beauty of wildness in its roots and leaves until this day.
bird, bird painting, love, kindness, full of love, caring painting
You are precious (2022)
Pastels, colored pencils, pencils, acrylic inks and watercolors
55"H x 42"W 
- Story of a little yellow bird that I rescued on a driveway near Bryant Park in New York City. The memory of warmth from holding the precious little bird in my hand led me to paint this work. As the painting progressed, I came to a strange realization that my love and care toward this little living organism was deep even though it was a short amount of time, but not to myself. This painting holds my wish and self-love and for the memory of the bird.
Perspective (2022)
Pencils, pastels, oil pastels, colored pencils, acrylic inks and watercolors
55"H x 37"W 
- As I get older and gain more life experience, my perspective has changed gradually. Things that I was holding onto greatly disappeared, things that I was believing hard were vanished. Life wasn’t about black and white; it is about full of vibrant colors. 
Exploring the Unknown (2023)
Pencils, pastels, acrylic inks and watercolors
24"H x 18"W 
- This painting resonates with me as deep meaning and personal significance, unfolded after I returned from my vacation in July 2023, marking my first visit to Korea since 2011. Experiencing a blend of emotions about the decisions I made over the past 11 years fueled my passion to decide a new path as an artist. Spending quality time at National Museum of Korea, and other museums dedicated to the Korean cultural heritage deeply inspired me. 
The hiding squirrel, its gesture represents me being ready to be out there, being curious about the world out of my comfort zone, the fan that the squirrel is holding is a Korean traditional fan that was used to cover bride’s face during the wedding ceremony, which represents curiosity. Other elements I painted around the squirrel, lotus, peony are symbols of inner peace, gentleness, and rebirth in Buddhism. Two elements on the bottom left, are also lotus carved in Ancient Korea used as roof-end tiles. 
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